About Me

In 2007, right after completing my high school, I was super-charged to join a firm to earn my first salary. Soon, I joined a small firm as a Content Writer, where I learned about a bird called ‘Online/Digital Marketing’.

During my first job, I learned about ‘plagiarism’, ‘spamming’, ‘content/copy writing’, ‘keywords’, ‘searching’, ‘social media’ and many other terms. My very first job made me addicted to Orkut, Yahoo Chat, Google, reading, writing and listening. 

It was a stepping-stone, which helped me build my career orientation. 

After leaving my job, I joined a regular college and started working as a freelancer. To this day, I work more or less as a freelancer despite launching a company and building a team. 

I completed my graduation in English literature in 2010, which helped me hone my writing skills further. Simultaneously I was working as a freelancer, and my projects kept me on my toes to learn more and improve continuously. 

To this day, I do not remember my how many projects I have completed but in each project, there was a learning experience – networking, client liaising, client handling, optimizing results, improving and innovating, keeping myself updated, budget management and most of all digital marketing. 

After completing my graduation, I worked for some time in an IT company as senior content writer, but soon left the job to pursue Post Graduation Diploma in Management with Major in Marketing. 

This course helped me imbibe theoretical knowledge in marketing, moreover helped me gain experience of working and learning in a multi-cultural environment with focus on research. During this time, I developed my interpersonal, researching, presentation and career management skills but most importantly, I learned about marketing in-depth. 

Right after my college, I was tempted to pursue a job, and I did join a company but soon realized I should launch my own ventures. This realization leads me to launch Adjacktive - a digital marketing company – Learning Skills and Learning Skills Institute Digital Marketing

Therefore, after much experience, learning and experiments I am here presenting myself as a digital marketing professional. Fully committed and focused to help you not just market but also generate quality leads and sales, and increase return on investment. 

I believe in helping, sharing, learning, listening, questioning, speaking and doing what I love – Digital Marketing. 

I am here to help you. 

If you’ve any question, view, opinion, doubt, advice or anything relevant to share then do email me at me@kanishkmatta.in, I would love to talk to you. 

You can visit my new website here.

Enjoy your stay. 

Stay tuned. Stay Connected.