In business, businesspersons only care for the measurable results and high quality, and we follow the same policy while helping them to market on Internet.

Our focus is not to confuse you with n-numbers of equations, services, theories and concepts, but to give you clear idea what can be done for your business on Internet, how your business can be marketed online, how we can generate leads and sales for you on Internet?

We help you simplify, and take on the responsibility of marketing, by working as a remote team of digital marketing for you.

I have a small team of marketers, who are ready to deliver affordable and effective online/digital marketing services to small to mid-sized businesses. Our highly motivated and committed marketers are always available at your disposal to help you, support you, and work with and for you, to achieve set targets, reach out large audience and generate sales.

Our digital/online/internet marketing services are all job-oriented that are optimized to help you market in certain ways and achieve specific target. Whether you are in e-commerce, e-tailing (seller on ebay, flipkart etc.), real estate, education industry (institute, college or university), consultancy, hospitality (restaurant, bar, pub, etc.), law, media or production, retail (shop, showroom, superstore, mall, etc.), technological, manufacturing or any B2C or B2B business, who wants to avail digital marketing services at affordable rates with uncompromising quality can contact us.

Under my digital marketing company – Adjacktive – I provide range of marketing services. You can hire me as well to market and promote your business online.

Digital/Online/Internet Marketing

We provide range of online/digital/internet marketing services from search engine optimization, social media marketing, content writing, blogging, inbound marketing to integrated marketing, to help you market.

Our digital marketing services optimized to deliver organic results, by increasing your online visibility on search engines and social media platforms to reach large audience.

We can help you build fans and followers base on social media platforms with creative, viral and quality content, and increase traffic and rank on search engines for targeted keywords for higher conversions. Furthermore, improve your reputation and build your brand online for increased ‘online value’ that you can monetize at higher returns both online and offline.


If you want to instantly increase visibility on search engines and social media platforms, generate leads and sales and reach to higher traffic, then advertising is the best option available to you.

My team and I provide online advertising services – search engine marketing, social media advertising, and vertical search engine advertising and pay-per-click – to help you reach your target audience.

We help you advertise at lesser budget with targeted sales copy and specific platforms to reach highly targeted audience in order to increase conversion rate and reduce cost-per-lead.


In digital world, content is undoubtedly the king, and with quality content writing digital marketing becomes highly effective and efficient. Even, Google says instead of getting into technicalities focus on your content, which should be high quality, targeted (context and intent), informative, engaging, educating and entertaining.

I started my career as a content writer, and worked on various projects from foreign and domestic clients. Moreover, I have members on my team, who are content-focused to deliver unmatched digital marketing services.

By choosing us, you are assured of commitment and high results.

Because we believe, if you are making money, eventually we would as well. And we want to make huge, and we mean it.

For more information, please feel free to contact me on +91 8010880027 or by filling up the contact form here