If you’re on my blog, then you must have idea about digital marketing, and won’t disagree that it is one the best emerging career field to choose from. Despite that, there’s huge talent gap in the industry, and immense career and job opportunities.

With that in mind, I’ve started helping others learn digital marketing, SEO and SMM in order to help aspirants to build career in it, and help my clients acquire the best talent in the industry.

At present, I’m a teaching faculty at Learning Skills, Learning Skills Institute Digital Marketing and NIESBUD (central government body based in Noida), and apart from that I also conduct events, seminars and discussions on Digital Marketing. Furthermore, if you’re a company/organization/NGO/business that want its employee to learn digital marketing, then again I can help you.

On my blog, I’ll be writing helpful blogs for businesses, and on Learning Skills blog, I’ll be writing free SEO, SMM and Digital Marketing articles that can help you in your quest to learning.

If you’ve any questions or problems regarding digital marketing then please feel free to ask, I’d gladly answer it.

You can ask me to guest speak at your institute/organization to contact me you can call me on +91 8010880027 or fill this form to contact.